Free Counselling Services
We know that making a choice of institution and destination can be a bit confusing. Our partners are some of the best universities and offer the most dynamic courses in the world. EDROCK counsellors are highly trained and experienced, and are standing by to help you through this difficult decision. We will talk to you and gain a full understanding of your needs and motivations for study as well as your ultimate goals. With this information, will then work with you to come up with a list of suitable options. The final decision as to where you apply is of course yours, and with our professional assistance you can be rest assured that you will only be applying to courses and universities which match your goals and needs closely
It is a fact that application documents such as your statement of purpose, resume, research plan, reference letters and portfolio can make the crucial difference as to whether you are accepted or not. It is our job to give you detailed advice including how to structure them, which of your past experiences to focus on, and reviewing them to ensure they meet the given high standards. Once all documents are set, you may relax as we set it all out from filling in the application forms, to securing a place for you.
Visa and Travel Services
We provide advice on all types of visa applications as well as passport renewal services. You can count on us as well to assist you with all your travel arrangements such as air ticket booking, insurance, airport pick up and drop off at the most affordable and safe rate
Pre-departure briefing and Accommodation
Immediately your Visa is granted, we take you through a thorough pre-departure briefing and preparation course to help you adapt and maximize the life at your study destination. We will do our best to help you find suitable accommodation both at the institution and private accommodation. In fact, for the UK we cooperate with STUDENT SAFETY UK Ltd., the largest student safety and welfare provider in the UK, available 24/7 to ensure your safety and your rights are protected.
Other Services
Our services don't stop after getting you schools and Visa. If you need any help or run into problems, EDROCK cares and offers continuous support services. Also bear in mind that we offer visit Visa assistance to all destinations in the world!